Why don’t my SCONES look like yours?

I though today I’d do a short post about some common mistakes that people make when making scones..

A scone should be light and fluffy on the inside and slightly crisp on the outside… it needs to hold up to lashings of delicious cream and jam (yum)!

My Mom’s scones in England work perfectly every time, and in my opinion, she makes the best scones, but her recipe fails completely here in the States. It’s taken me a while to perfect something that always works, whatever the flavor I’m making.

You can see in the image above that a scone has a natural break through the center. You will normally only get this in the first batch that you roll out and cut, so try and get as many out of that batch. Once re-rolled scone dough will rise, but not as well as the first roll… You should never need a knife to cut through a scone.

Here are some principles for recipes if it’s not instructed otherwise.

  • It’s full fat (whole) milk if not specified.
  • Use medium eggs if not specified
  • Spoon measurements are level
  • Get some cheap kitchen scales – most recipes will not be in cups – it’s not accurate enough
  • If using a fan over reduce temperature given by 10C (50F)

The number one key to good scones is not overworking them. Whether you make by hand or with a mixer if you over work them they will be heavy and will not rise. A scone mixture will always have some raising agent, don’t work out the magic!!!

Cooking times per oven are always slightly different, so just push down on a scone that looks done and if it is it will feel spring to the touch.

Always line your pan…. ALWAYS

As soon as scones come out of the oven transfer to wire cooling racks… no one likes soggy bottoms.

When stamping out scones push straight down with the cutter. Don’t be tempted to wiggle now, no twisting. If it doesn’t release, transfer to your pan and gently push out through top of cutter. You can prevent sticking by dipping cutter in flour each time.

Plain scone

Don’t roll your dough to thin. Your scones wont rise and you’ll have sad little cookie like dense things that you wont want to share!

Scones taste best the day they are made but freeze well for about a month, or store well in an airtight container for 3-4 days… just give them a few seconds in the microwave to freshen up!

I hope these hints help you in your scone making. A good scone really is nothing like a American biscuit, it’s so much more 🙂

Of course scones are best enjoyed with a cup of tea….

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Which one are you?.. English, Posh, Royalty or Jedi?

Which one are you?

I suppose my answer to this is always .. it depends on where I am and what I’m drinking out of..

I have been definitely been known to hold my teacup like Royalty (and not only when my husband reprimands me for behaving like a princess!), but that would be with my Royal Albert Porcelain.

Give me a big old heavy mug and I’m probably going to revert to English builder 😉

I wish I could master that Jedi trick though… that would be cool.. and would earn me a ton of Kudos with my Star Wars loving American family…

In lieu of the fact I still need practice I’ll add this cute picture to keep them happy!

Star Wars tea drinking session

How do you hold your tea?

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