Royal Albert Shopping Trip

It’s Labor Day weekend here in the US, and that means huge deals

Part of the experience we will be offering is beautiful bone china table settings for your guests.

Today I’ve been shopping the sales for Royal Albert. There is nothing better than indulging in some quality teas from fine bone china cups.

I picked up some Polka Rose, a beautiful new addition to the vintage patterns that have made Royal Albert famous the world over.  It’s youthful and exuberant, combining classic form with intricate detailing, vibrant colors and a lustrous gold rim.

Beautiful isn’t it?

I also grabbed some of the Rose Confetti… the prices were so amazing I have 4 sets of each style. I can’t wait to create a beautiful mix and match table setting with the two patterns, some beautiful lines, sparking crystal and fresh flowers!

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  1. Gorgeous sets! My Aunt had a huge set of fine china cups and saucer sets displayed all throughout her house. She had promised me several of them but unfortunately was not in her will so I ended up with none. I use to spend hours looking at them and admiring their beauty! These two sets are stunning! Great taste!

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